i like swimming, surfing, music, singing, playing guitar, scavenging the streets for usable objects & materials, my overalls, taking photographs, reading, words, palindromes, onomatopoeia, free will, determinism, non-conformism, philosophy, aestethics, walking, empathy, dolphins, seals, whales, sea-turtles, cats, cooking & good food, prehistoric fauna, humans in social context, prehistory, voluntary simplicity, climate change, creativity, grappa, the chicken as a metaphor, finding something new under the sun, serendipity, aesthetics, grammar, backgammon, paradoxes, illusions, aporia, , depression, dissent, smoothies, sunshine, science, anti-intellectualism, reality and its adversaries, atheism, oceanography, free-thought, secularism, humanism, faith, ethics, belief, rhetoric, persuasion, politics, judgment, etymology, eschatology, teleology, hermeneutics, epistemology, history, literature, evolution, skepticism, religion, reason, justice, dancing.